Alcemi Web Design

Alcemi Web provides scalable website solutions, so if you're a small business wanting to grow you know that you have the right foundations in place for your business growth. We are Joomla specialists, that can set up your website for you to easily update it on the fly as and when you need. Our whole ethos is a completely modular approach that can integrate with any existing requirements you have, and provide an excellent user experience for your customers.


Ease of Use Installation

Our basic Joomla installation is configured for exceptional ease of use, letting you edit your pages on the fly, you simply log on, view the page and click the edit button. This is designed to get you up and running straight away without you having to spend time finding out and learning how to use the system, you can try out this feature instantly on our Instant Demo Page. We set these up with up to 6 pages of dummy content for you.

Site Themes

Our installation provides you with a choice of 5 different coloured schemes, you can also change the layout of pages by changing the positions of the modules, to obtain a site that is to your liking.

Add-Ons and Features

Whether it be a dating site, an e-commerce site, a gallery or any number of options that you need, the Joomla plugins provide a wide ranging choice of features for your site, it's flexibility is staggering. We can install these for you, set you up with demo data that fits your needs and set you on your way.


Our preferred shopping cart/online shopping component is Virtuemart, it is open source and free, and one of the most powerful online shopping components. Currently not supporting Joomla 3, but we can integrate it seemlessy with you Joomla 3 version. We can however set you up with any shopping cart plugin of your choice.


Joomla is fully multilingual, so you can provide a local presence as well as providing a global presence using the main languages.

Business Integration

We can advise and configure the systems to suit how your business works, so that the online side of the business doesn't compromise your day to day activities, we can also help you explore possible new ways of expanding your business by utilising the systems.